COVID Health & Safety Policy

In order to keep our Whispering Oaks community as safe as possible, starting October 12, 2021, only fully vaccinated persons may enter and be on the grounds at Whispering Oaks.

What is the required vaccination status?

You must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. “Fully vaccinated” means you have received the CDC-recommended doses of the vaccine and have waited 2 weeks to achieve full vaccination status. That means 2 shots of Pfizer, 2 shots of Moderna, or 1 shot of J&J…plus two weeks. 

Who does this apply to? 

This policy applies to everyone: residents, members, staff, guests, day visitors. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

How do I show my vaccine status? 

  • Starting October 12, 2021, upon arrival at camp, you MUST stop at the office and supply proof of COVID-19 vaccinations and your matching ID. 
  • We will accept the CDC vaccination card provided by your pharmacy, physician, or clinic. We will also accept a photo on your phone of your vaccine card. 
  • For residents and members, the office will note your vaccine status so you do not have to provide proof each time you enter the campground.
  • Guests and visitors will need to provide proof of vaccination each time they arrive.
  • The camp WILL NOT be storing a copy of your vaccination card or any information it contains.

We care about all of our fabulous Whispering Oaks members and we want everyone to be healthy & safe